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Reden Dionisio, Founder

Why train with us?

To the Brave and Faithful, nothing is impossible.

Genuines is dedicated to providing you with a concierge service throughout your RBLP certification journey.

The owner and primary trainer, Reden Dionisio, is a proud husband and father. He honorably serves as a Chief Petty Officer in the United States Navy for almost two decades, leading Sailors in various leadership positions and numerous deployments.

Reden is passionate about resilience and encouraging others to build resilient individuals, teams, and families. He not only believes in it but strives to live it out every day.

Through RBLP exam preparation training, Reden facilitates your:

1) analysis of the RBLP core competencies,
2) evaluation of your personal leadership style/approach, and
3) creation of new knowledge and methodologies to improve resilience in your teams and support a competitive advantage in your organization.

Recently moved to San Antonio Texas. RBLP Investor, RBLP-T. Offering 15% off for one on one coaching to military, law enforcement, and first responders.

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