Dr. Gene Coughlin was recently a guest on the Management as a Liberal Art Podcast with Dr. Robert O. (Rob) Kirkland, Ph.D.

About the podcast: An ongoing exploration of Peter Drucker’s vision of a functioning society based on human dignity in life, work, and community. In these episodes, we will aim to expand the knowledge and practice of Drucker’s concepts through ongoing dialog with leading thought leaders.

Episode:  Interview with Gene Coughlin

Description: Interview with Gene Coughlin, Founder/CEO at the Resilience-Building Leader Program (RBLP). Gene talks about his background and his work with RBLP and how it relates to MLA. He also speaks on how RBLP partners with colleges, universities, leadership coaches and training companies to build a worldwide community of practice committed to the idea of building resilient teams.

To learn more about RBLP®, please visit: www.resiliencebuildingleader.com