What are the Letters after a Person’s Name Called?

Question: What are the letters after a person’s name called?

Answer: They are called post-nominals.

Post-nominals are the letters placed after a person’s name to represent a qualification they have achieved. The most popular post-nominals represent academic degrees (i.e. EdD, PhD, MBA) and certifications (i.e. RBLP, PMP, SHRM-CP). For example, Gene Coughlin EdD.

What are the benefits of adding your post-nominals to your LinkedIn profile?

They showcase your hard-earned credentials. Let your connections know about your academic degrees and certifications. It’s a great way to share your expertise and stand out from the crowd!

They demonstrate your commitment to professionalism. By displaying your post-nominals, you show that you take your career seriously and have invested time and effort in acquiring valuable skills.

They display your knowledge, skills, and experience. Those letters after your name are a powerful way to communicate your expertise and qualifications to potential employers or clients.

They highlight your dedication to professional development. Post-nominals demonstrate that you are continuously learning and growing in your field. This commitment to self-improvement can make you an attractive candidate for new opportunities.

They indicate your membership in a community of practice. Post-nominals can also signify that you are part of an esteemed group of professionals who share a common interest or expertise. It’s a way to connect with others in your field and expand your network.

Letters after a Person's Name

In what order should post-nominals be listed?

Academic degrees should be listed first, followed by certifications.

When listing degrees, the most advanced degree should be listed first. Do not use Dr. and a terminal degree post-nominal at the same time. For example, you shouldn’t see anyone using the EdD or PhD post-nominal if they have Dr. in front of their name. It should be one or the other. Using both is redundant.

When listing certifications, the certification that is most relevant to the work that you do should be listed first. For example, if being a leader is a key component of your role in the workplace and you have earned the Resilience-Building Leadership Professional® (RBLP) certification, then list that one first.

Most people believe that listing their RBLP leader certification before any type of management certification (project management, HR management, etc.) sends the right message about their priorities to colleagues and employers.

Note: Post-nominal letters can also be listed in the Headline below your name on LinkedIn.

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