Digital Badge Instructions

Credly Badge Account

To make sure you receive your RBLP® badge notification email, and that it doesn’t wind up in your spam folder, add [email protected] as a Contact or Safe Sender in your email settings. 

Instructions for adding a new contact vary by email provider, so consult your email provider to learn how. Or contact the Credly support team through their Help Center by Submitting a Request with the name of your email provider (Outlook, Gmail, etc.) and they will connect you with instructions.

Credly suggests the following: 

  • Check your email’s spam/junk folder to see if the email notification was delivered there.
  • Make sure the email address on file with your badge-issuing organization is accurate. 
  • In some cases, a domain firewall can block emails from [email protected] 
  • We suggest creating an account on Credly with the email address of the badge that was issued. This way, you can accept the badge from the Dashboard. 
  • If you already have an account registered to another email address, please add the email address your badge was issued to as a secondary to your account.  

We also suggest adding a personal secondary email address to your account. This way if your email address changes, you will always be able to access your account.  

To add a secondary within your Credly account:

  1. Click on the profile icon in the upper right and select “Settings.”
  2. You’ll be taken directly to your “Account” page
  3. In the “Add Another Email Address” box, add the additional email and click on the “Add” button
  4. You’ll receive a confirmation email to the email you just added. Click the appropriate link to confirm the address.

Download your Credly Badge

Your downloaded badge contains Open Badge Infrastructure (OBI) compliant metadata embedded into the image. Acclaim has updated to the Open Badge v.2 format.

1. Locate the badge you’d like to download on your dashboard and click on the badge. 

2. Select the blue “Share” button at the top of the page to see your badge-sharing options.

Digital Badge Instructions

3. Select the download Icon: 

Digital Badge Instructions

4. Select “Download Badge Image” 

5. A window will open, giving you the option size and download your badge image 

Digital Badge Instructions

This will download a PDF file to your system. 

You can add your badge to your LinkedIn profile and/or share it to your feed through the Share options within your badge on Credly’s Acclaim platform. 

Go to your  Dashboard and click on the badge you’d like to share. Next, click the blue Share button at the top of the page. 

Digital Badge Instructions

Clicking Share will bring you to all of the badge share options available.  

If you haven’t connected your LinkedIn account with your profile choose Connect.  You will then be asked to sign into your LinkedIn account and allow Credly to access it.

Digital Badge Instructions

Once connected, you’ll see both options to Add to profile or Share to Feed. If you’d like to only add your badge to your profile, uncheck Share to Feed and vice versa if you’d like to only Share to your Feed. 

Note: Sharing to your Feed, allows you to enter a custom message.  This message must contain no more than 1100 characters. 

Screen Shot 2022-04-11 at 7.35.16 AM

Next, select Share To LinkedIn

LinkedIn will open in a new window, populating all of your badge information. 

Screen Shot 2022-04-11 at 7.35.42 AM

Next, Click Save and your badge will posted to your LinkedIn Profile. 

Your badge will then appear under the Licenses and certifications section of your LinkedIn profile. Only the Issuing organization’s logo will appear next to your badge information. Clicking See Credential will take anyone viewing this badge from your LinkedIn profile to the badge assertion page within your profile. 

For additional help visit the Credly support page.