Business Leadership by Joan Gallos

Book description from the publisher.

The second edition of best-selling Business Leadership draws on the best thinking on leadership from the biggest names in the business to explore the fundamentals of business leadership: what it is, how to do it, and what maximizes its success.  The books is intended as a resource for both experienced business leaders and those aspiring to the role.  Newcomers can read cover-to-cover and explore leadership’s scope, purpose, methods, and possibilities.  They will find everything they need to get started and grow in their leadership. Organizations need leadership at every level, and the chapters offer support for those with or without formal leadership positions at work. Experienced leaders will appreciate chapters that capture best thinking on a range of topics – the complex nature of the work, essential skills and ways to enhance them, models for understanding the organizational terrain, ways to anticipate the challenges and avoid the pitfalls, and strategies to sustain oneself as a leader.  

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