The Agony of Decision by Helio Fred Garcia

The Agony of Decision by Helio Fred Garcia

Book description from the publisher.

This book is about how leaders and the organizations they lead can maintain reputation, trust, confidence, financial and operational strength, and competitive advantage in a crisis. First, by thinking clearly; second, by making smart choices; and third, by executing those choices effectively. But making smart choices in a crisis can be agonizing.

The difference between leaders who handle crises well and those who handle crises poorly is mental readiness: the ability some leaders exhibit that allows them to make smart choices quickly in a crisis. And this ability creates a real competitive advantage.

In June 2018, The Agony of Decision was recognized as one of the “51 Best Crisis Management Books of All Time” by Book Authority, the leading resource for nonfiction book recommendations. The book also received a badge of recognition for being one of the “8 Best New Crisis Management Books”. The Agony of Decision has the distinction of being the highest-rated book on the list.

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