You’re The Leader. Now What? by Richard Winters, M.D.

Book description from the publisher.

Leadership has never been more challenging. Your colleagues disagree, their emotions run high, and your way forward through the everchanging, complex work environment would confound even the most seasoned leader.

In You’re the Leader. Now What?: Leadership Lessons from Mayo Clinic, Dr. Richard Winters, a Mayo Clinic emergency physician, executive coach, and director of leadership development for the Mayo Clinic Care Network, uses proven frameworks, practical tactics, and real-life experience to help you become a more effective leader as you face your thorniest organizational challenges.

Effective leaders don’t create followers, they create leaders. While you may have the expertise and authority to make swift decisions, effective leadership more often calls for a measured, team-focused approach that acknowledges diverse perspectives and environmental uncertainty. In this book, you will learn how to bring colleagues together during difficult times to make sense of the world, adapt, and achieve results.

Dr. Winters, known for his well-researched matter of fact approach and humor, will walk you through difficult leadership scenarios, identify common pitfalls, and give you step-by-step approaches to solve some of your most confounding leadership challenges. This book is for those times when you have no clear answer, when the processes and checklists put in place are inadequate, and when all eyes are on you, asking “Now what?”

You will learn to:

Whether you are a seasoned leader, you are stepping into a new leadership role, or you are a leader without a title sitting in yet another meeting wondering why things aren’t working (and how you can make things better), You’re the Leader. Now What? will guide you to be a more effective leader.

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