Government Employees

U.S. Federal, State, and Local Government Employees

U.S. Federal government employees can pay for Building and Leading Resilient Teams exam prep training provided by our Authorized Education and Training Partners (see list below) and our Resilience-Building Leader Program (RBLP®certification exams using Standard Form 182 (Request, Authorization, Agreement, and Certification for Training) and the Government Purchase Charge Card (GPCC).

Each agency of the U.S. Federal Government publishes its own guidance on the use of SF-182 and GPCC.

Most state and local agencies and departments have a similar process and forms.

Pay for RBLP® Certification Exams using SF-182

The downloadable SF-182 forms below are prefilled with certification exam specific information. The remainder of the form is completed by the government employee per agency/department published guidance. Once approved, use the GPCC (or state/local equivalent) to purchase certification exam vouchers.

Download a prefilled SF-182 for the RBLP-T certification exam.

Download a prerefilled SF-182 for the RBLP-C certification exam.

Download a prefilled SF-182 for the RBLP certification exam.

Pay for Exam Prep Training using SF-182

Download a blank SF-182 PDF from the OPM website. Our Authorized Education and Training Partners below can provide the training specific information required for the SF-182. The remainder of the form is completed by the government employee per agency/department published guidance. Our partners can provide guidance for executing GPCC payments.

The RBLP® series of leadership certification exams are administered by Resilience-Building Leader Program only. For exam prep training, we highly recommend these Authorized Education and Training Partners.
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